Viaduct Fishery
Match Information
· Carp net limit – 70lb, more than 70lb will count as 70lb but if over 80lb in one net will result in you losing the whole net (F1s in carp nets) Silverfish net limit – 50lb, more than 50lb will count as 50lb but if over 55lb in one net will result in you losing the whole net All keepnets and landing nets to be spread out on the bank to dry and not introduced to the water until 5 minutes before the start of the match Pellet Rule  - only coarse or carp pellet to be fed, anything is allowed on the hook Boilies, dumbells, pop ups, wafters, etc. allowed on the hook but not to be fed 2kg of groundbait maximum allowed, to be fed through a feeder or a pole cup. Small nuggets of groundbait/soaked pellet can be fed by hand up to 5 metres No method feeders, banjo feeders or coil feeders No candle or rattler floats All leads and feeders must be free running, no fixed rigs, no elasticated feeders All leads and feeders must have a minimum hooklength of 12 inches. No tucking or using any other method for reducing hooklengths Barbless hooks only, size 10 maximum 10lb or 0.22 equivalent maximum line No use of braided line  No surface baits but popping up baits e.g. bread are allowed No floating poles
Match Rules
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